About us


Our journey was kindled by a deep admiration for the timeless allure of brass and a profound inspiration from vintage objects. Committed to transforming our clients' spaces into truly extraordinary homes, we blend the charm of the past with the comfort of the present. In the dynamic world of interior design, we observed an increasing inclination towards brass elements, embedding them as a unique part of modern design aesthetics. However, the existing decor options often fell short of aligning with our curated designs or exceeded the affordability of our projects.

In response to this gap, we extended our scope beyond just interior design, diving into the creation of bespoke brass decor. We began sourcing high-quality materials to handcraft custom brass lighting and home decor pieces that seamlessly infused vintage inspiration into modern sensibilities.

Our innovative approach resolved our challenges and introduced a unique blend of antiquity and contemporaneity into each of our projects. Achieving an ideal balance of aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness, we converted a creative solution into an art form, enhancing the overall design experience.

Our clients' enthusiastic support propelled us to transform our creative venture into a dedicated business. We evolved from an interior design studio into a comprehensive home decor brand specializing in brass and vintage-inspired pieces. This journey, from a humble Etsy storefront to our own expansive platform, alotofbrassera.com, has enabled us to share our creative solutions with a wider audience.

Our passion spans both designing beautiful interiors and crafting unique decor pieces that bring them to life. We thoughtfully curate, source, and design top-quality elements, creating a harmonious blend of vintage charm and modern aesthetics, enabling you to perfect your space's ambiance.

Our studio and online store showcase this journey, presenting a carefully curated selection of our favorite designs and pieces. Here, you will find an array of vintage-inspired designs, many of which offer customization options. This allows for a personal touch that aligns seamlessly with your style preferences.

We strongly believe in the power of collaboration. We warmly invite our clients to share their unique ideas and custom requests. Some of our most cherished creations have stemmed from these collaborations. This unique fusion of design and decor, shaped by the personal tastes of our clients, truly sets our craft apart and makes our work deeply fulfilling.




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71-75, Shelton Street Covent Garden London

Email: support@alotofbrassera.com